Lunch Lady Squashes Fine For Feeding Hungry Kids But Has New Battle Ahead (VIDEO)

Angela Prattis lunch ladyAngela Prattis is a pretty amazing woman. Nicknamed the Lunch Lady, she has been handing out free lunches to children in need for the past three summers from a church in Pennsylvania. But this summer, after having a baby, she began handing out those lunches from her house. And this has the people who run her town, Chester Township, all up in arms.


In fact, it had them so outraged that they told her to shut it down ... and then threatened her with a fine of $600 a day if she kept it up. It was only when news organizations started poking around that the town backpedaled. They are allowing her to keep feeding the kids through the end of this summer but say she must secure a zoning variance if she wants to open up shop again next summer. The fee for the administrative costs for this variance: $1,000!

I get that her home is zoned as part of a residential neighborhood, and rules are rules, but there is something to be said for looking at circumstance. Is there a need for what she is doing? Does it bother her neighbors? Rather than shutting her down, are there alternatives that can be considered?

Her argument is a good one ... in the video below she talks about the fact that there are houses in her town where the roofs are falling in -- but they are cracking down on her. She is feeding up to 60 children a day. There is clearly a need -- in this town -- for this program. She doesn't make a dime from any of this -- the program is fully funded by the state and run through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia -- but her time is donated.

How would you feel if this was happening in your town?

Image via PatriotPost/YouTube

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