Yosemite Missing Boy Leaves Us With Tragic Lesson (VIDEO)

The heartbreak at hearing that two boys were swept away while on a vacation with their family at Yosemite National Park, earlier this week, is almost too much to bear. Jacob Adams was still missing as of late Friday night. He is just 6. His brother, Andres Adams, 10, was found 150 yards down stream -- but attempts to revive him failed.


The boys were just being boys. They had been hiking with their family, on an organized trip with their church, when they hit the Merced River. Maybe they went in to cool off? Or just to throw stones? But then, in an instant, the rapids took them. Just like that.

Attempts were made to rescue them, family members jumped into the water, but those attempts failed.

jacob adams
Jacob Adams, 6, is still missing

This is such a tragic accident, but also a lesson, on so many levels. As parents we would do anything to protect our kids, but we also want to encourage them to explore. We want them to be fearless -- to try new things -- but maybe this will remind us to pull them back from time to time.

If those were my kids out there ... would I have known that the water was moving so fast that it could sweep them away? Maybe Probably not. I might have let them go in ... knowing they weren't going far. I will second guess those decisions now.

When my husband tells me I am being overprotective ... am I? In so many instances, just like this one, there is such a fine line between being overly cautious and allowing our kids to find themselves and take chances. All we can do is try to make the best decisions possible given what we know. Now we know a little more.

Do you think you are, sometimes, too overprotective?


The church is setting up a fund to help the Adams family. If you would like to contribute you can call (714) 695-9650.

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