Man Goes Missing After Rabid Bat Attack & I Think We All Know What THAT Means

bat silhouetteSo for all the talk of vampires lately, one might have expected bats to take a more prominent place in pop culture. Right? It's not like the species doesn't exist in Forks or Bon Temps. But for whatever reason (probably lack of sex appeal), the creature traditionally associated with vampires has been strangely absent from modern-day mythology ... until now, that is!

Because last week in Berlin, this guy found an injured bat. And because (I'm assuming) he's a do-right kinda guy, he made the standard "animal in distress" call most people would make to the fire department. But then he made a mistake most people wouldn't make, hopefully, which was to try and feed the bat, which was a mistake because the bat then bit the man. When fire fighters showed up, they tried to get the guy to go to the hospital, but he refused. And they were like, Dude, what if you have rabies? You gotta go! (Except they said it in German.) And the guy was like, Nein! (That's like the only German word I know.)


Weird, right? But it's what he did next that was REALLY weird ...

He vanished into thin air. Disappeared! Without a trace! Okay, so probably he just wandered off and the fire fighters didn't notice because they were talking about Oktoberfest or bratwurst or David Hasselhoff (clearly I need to learn more about Germany).

But the point is, the guy got away before anybody could get his name or contact info and now it turns out the bat did indeed have rabies so they really need to find the guy before he gets really really sick and/or dies and/or ... dare I say it ... becomes a vampire!!

Dude. Exactly what kind of apocalypse are we having here?! Zombie? Mutant butterfly? Vampire? This is getting way outta hand.

Would you ever try to feed an injured bat?


Image via Leonora Enking/Flickr

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