Female Head, Foot & Hands Found Near River But Police Have No Leads

ontario riverA severed female head and other body parts have been discovered along a river in Ontario. And the case is so mysterious investigators don't even know if they're from the same woman! The head was found Wednesday in Mississauga Park and the foot Thursday, about a kilometer (less than a mile) apart from each other. Today investigators found left and right hands

Randy Cowan of the Peel Regional Police says investigators are testing the head and foot to see if they are from the same person. Common sense says they probably are, he says, but they still need more details. "Without a cause of death we can't call it a homicide, but certainly foul play -- there's definitely something amiss."


The saddest detail -- to me -- is that the foot had toenails painted an optimistic yellow. Oh my god, that detail just crushes me. I look down at my own sky blue-painted toenails, the toenails of countless other women all over the city. Every day women everywhere put on lipstick, their favorite shorts, a ponytail, all with the expectation that they will go about their day as usual, and that at the end of the day, they will go to sleep in their own beds, feeling safe.

Not so with this woman, whoever she (or they?) are. Police are combing through missing persons records for leads. Whatever they find, however they solve this mystery, it's not going to end well. 

Meanwhile, people who live in that area have lost their own sense of security. A woman named Grace Hong said she walks through the park often. "That's why I'm a little bit scared," she said. She's not going to the park again any time soon. I hope investigators are able to put together this baffling puzzle and find the person responsible. But it sure feels like we're a long ways from finding answers at this point.

How do you feel when a grisly murder takes place near your home?


Image via jumpyjodes/Flickr

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