Latina Moms in Florida Could Decide the Next Election (VIDEO)

MamásLatinas writer Yuliana Gomez, like most moms across the nation, is thinking a lot about the upcoming Presidential election. Read on to hear about how Latina moms can make a difference come November!

The CafeMom Moms Matter Road Trip, which aims to give moms across the U.S. a voice and highlight the issues they care about most, recently made a stop in the Sunshine State to delve into the crucial Latina mom vote. Let's take a look at what they heard from moms living in Florida.


Latinos now account for almost 50.5 million people in the United States, and the Moms Matter team recently zeroed in on the crucial swing state of Florida, where Latinos make up a whopping 23 percent of the population. There, they talked to several mamás about the issues that they face daily. These women are the faces of Latina moms across America, who, according to the Census, account for 55 percent of the total population growth in the United States. 

Translation: Latina moms are already the major influencers in our families, but we could also very well be instrumental when it comes to the upcoming election.

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Check out the video below, and see what Florida mamis Amy Acosta, Rose Garcia-Corrigan, and Sili Recio have to say about the economy, education, immigration, health care, and many other of the issues that are most important to us in deciding our vote for the upcoming elections.

What's the most important issue that you think affects moms in the U.S. today? What are you looking at in deciding your vote for the upcoming elections?

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