Terrified Hiker With Broken Ankle Records Her Eerie Ordeal Alone on Mountain (VIDEO)

hiker broken ankleI would be terrified if I fell and broke my ankle on the corner of 14th Street, let alone solo on a mountain top. Coloradan Lexi De Forest was hiking in the Wyoming hills when she jumped a trench and pulled a McKayla Maroney -- she didn't stick the landing. Lexi broke her ankle, badly. Scared and alone, she made a video in which she sarcastically but not sarcastically at all says goodbye to her family and friends, explains, ha ha ha, how there are bears around, and shows us her twisted foot, which looks like it's on backwards.

It's 129 Hours condensed into six minutes without the ominous buzzard nor the sawing through the limbs, but it's riveting nonetheless.


You won't see any bones sticking out or anything graphic, you'll just see a foot twisted backwards in a sneaker. It's startling and you'll be like, oh no, that ain't right, but there's no blood to speak of and it won't make you barf or anything, promise. Watch:

When you're put into a situation where you feel like death is a sincere possibility, it's a strange feeling. Lexi sums it up pretty nicely with her sense of humor and her laughing-to-hide-the-tears attitude -- an outlook many of us can relate to. Especially if you have kids.

If you haven't put it together that Lexi was indeed rescued (your first clue was that she uploaded the video to YouTube), then spoiler alert! She was saved by a guy named Eric. Phew! Would NOT have wanted to see her eaten by bears or mountain lions or Gary Busey or whatever else hides out in the desolate Wyoming hills late at night.

Now, if James Franco decides to make a film out of Lexi's experience, please, oh please let Lindsay Lohan star as Ms. De Forest. I hear he's been courting her for a role, anyway.

Thoughts on Lexi's video? Make you wanna carpe diem? Make you wanna get some hiking boots? What?


Photo via Lexi De Forest/YouTube

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