The TSA Confiscated Some Crazy, CRAZY Stuff So Far This Year (VIDEO)

gun in teddy bearUm, I think I might owe the TSA an apology. Seriously, I know I've expressed my fair share of sarcastic disapproval regarding airport security policies and practices, but yikes! Considering some of the mind-bogglingly inappropriate for air travel (or possibly any travel) items passengers attempt to bring on board, well, I guess I can't really blame screeners for being a little paranoid every now and then.

Yes, the TSA just released its list of the most unusual items confiscated (so far) this year, and, uh, really?! What is WRONG with people? I mean, if nail clippers are a no-go, what the hell makes you think hiding gun parts in teddy bears or hiding your gun in a potted plant is going to fool anybody? (Seriously, somebody really tried to do both of those things.)

And it gets better! Trust me. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Here are the 8 CRAZIEST things some CRAZY people tried to bring on airplanes (so far) this year:


1. Bear mace in a sock What, is that like soap on a rope or something? Does everybody carry their bear mace in a sock? 

2. A knife mounted on a walker Now that's one badass granny!

3. A gun in a hollowed-out book "Hey man, I used to hide my weed in here and my parents never figured it out!"

4. Eels I don't even want to know.

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5. Venomous snakes (dead) Snakes on a muthaf*ckin' plane! I smell a sequel!

6. A chainsaw (with a full tank of gas) Because what good is a chainsaw with an empty fuel tank?

7. A grenade launcher I can only assume that this super-subtle traveler was also wearing a prison jumpsuit and a sign on his back that said "I like to blow sh*t up."

8. A chastity belt And yes, the person was wearing the chastity belt at the time. (Technically, this one wasn't confiscated. But that whole metal detector thing was quite a scene.)

And so, in conclusion: Sorreeee, TSA.

Which of these unusual items surprises you the most?

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