Paternity Trucks: Good Idea or Jerry Springer Mobiles?

sperm graffiti

Recently DNA testing trucks have taken to the streets of New York City, causing many people to raise an eyebrow at the appropriateness of their existence. The "Who’s Your Daddy" vehicles closely resemble trendy food trucks, but instead of delicious lobster rolls or Korean street tacos, they’re peddling paternity tests.

That’s right, they’ll roll right up, and you can walk right up, and find out exactly which man in your life contributed half of your little bundle of joy’s DNA. Or if you’re the dad, find out if it’s you or some other dude that should be making those child-support payments


It’s a bit of a sad commentary on society today that there is even a market for DNA-mobiles, but as the SkyMall bracelet says, “It is what it is.” Given that so many women are not in exclusive, monogamous sexual relationships when they conceive, more and more people are seeking scientific evidence of their children’s paternity. Unless surrogacy is involved, it’s pretty easy to determine "who’s your mommy" because she’s the lady that was pregnant for the better part of a year before welcoming Junior into the world.

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The dad’s biological job is not nearly so tough. All it takes is a few minutes and a broken condom (or worse – nothing at all) for a dude’s life to be forever changed by fatherhood.

My first thought on this concept of paternal testing was sadness, as there are guys that would doubt the genetic legitimacy of their children, followed quickly by more sadness that there are some guys with real reasons to question the faithfulness of their ladies. 

Upon further contemplation, I can see how easy access to paternity tests could be a boon to women that conceived with jerks that want to shirk their fatherly duty to at least financially provide for their offspring. A woman whose partner leaves her, claiming that their child isn't even his, can now easily be proven right. A woman abandoned by the father of her child now has more access than ever to prove the child is his before wasting time, money, and effort in court to bring the jerk to task.

The DNA truck isn’t all controversy though – some really sweet stories have come out of it as well. For instance, the Harlem man that was able to reunite with his 20-year-old daughter. All together now: Awwww! 

Are paternity trucks useful, or are they a Jerry Springer Show on wheels?


Image via Grace Hebert/Flickr

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