Dude Hatches Crazy Plan to Catch Bike Thief & Videotapes the Wild Confrontation (VIDEO)

bike thiefSo, there's this dude -- a "dude" if there ever was one (you'll know what I'm talking about after the video). He got his bike stolen -- his fancy 2009 Fuji Team suped up bike stolen -- right in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. And, rightfully, he was pissed. Like, super pissed. So pissed that he went on an extreme journey to track down the alleged bike thief and have him arrested. He did both.

What resulted was an impromptu 160-mile trip to Seattle and the dude-confrontation of a lifetime. Yes, all caught on video. Have you ever seen a bike thief squirm?


You need to watch this video. Otherwise you're not going to really appreciate this story. Something about the way the guys talk to each (warning: there are many f-bombs dropped) makes this whole thing ... impossible to look away from.

Oddly mesmerizing, right? I mean, the guy who allegedly stole the bike, Craig Ackerman, looks super guilty, what with his fleeing the scene like a maniac, but I was impressed with his ability to come up with the "I bought it off of Craigslist" excuse on the fly. The other guy, though, Jake Gillum -- dude had his s**t covered. Setting up an amateur sting doesn't seem like an easy task, but this guy had every base covered. And the fact that he up and traveled 160 miles away to take care of business is impressive in and of itself. Dude was seriously attached to that bike. Glad he got his property back. Would have been a major bummer if he traveled all that way for nothing.

How cool is this?


Image via simon jackson/YouTube

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