Mom Charged With Strangling Son Had Just Finished Parenting Classes

handcuffsYou hear a lot out of the court system about keeping families together and restoring the parent/child relationship. Makes sense, right? But the story of the 2-year-old boy who cops say was killed by his own mother in New York City makes me wonder if sometimes they push a little too hard.

Afriyie Gaspard is facing charges of manslaughter and murder after cops say she strangled little Izayah Hall. This mother of six allegedly told cops she squeezed the boy's neck to get him to stop crying.

It's all sad and crazy enough, but then get this. It seems Afriyie JUST got several of her kids back in March after losing them in a child abandonment case.


And this mother didn't just get her kids handed back to her. She is said to have taken actual parenting classes in order to prove to the courts that she was a fit mother.

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I don't know about you, but something doesn't add up here. If this woman actually strangled her child to get him to shut up, then it doesn't sound like those parenting classes were worth a hill of beans. Toddlers are frustrating, especially when they're crying. But she should have been taught the kind of skills you need to keep your cool and get through it.

And if she wasn't ... well, then why did she get her kids back to begin with? Who signed off on this particular parenting class and said, "Yeah, OK, this Mom is safe to be around children?"

Right now it's all in allegation stage. Afriyie may be proven innocent in a court of law. But it doesn't sound good for anyone here -- child protective services included.

Who do you believe here?


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