Taylor Swift Dating the Old Man Founder of Crocs? Well, Only in His Mind

Hey, have you heard all the news about Taylor Swift? She has a new album coming out. She's dating a Kennedy -- Conor Kennedy, to be precise. And she's totally turning into a Kennedy, because she bought a place in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, is dressing like Jackie O, and apparently is hanging out with drunk old men. Well, that last part might sound like a Kennedy dame, but in this case, police are purty darn sure it's not true. After a bystander in Colorado called cops when he saw a guy passed out in his Porsche, megarich dude and 51-year-old founder of the Crocs footwear company, George Boedecker, was sittin' there reeking of hooch. Then ol' George went on some sort of delusional rant about his "girlfriend" -- none other than Taylor Swift.


According to the police report, Boedecker said he was passed out in his Porsche because he and his "girlfriend" had gotten into an argument and she'd left. Asked who his girlfriend was, Boedecker allegedly responded that she was a "really (expletive) famous" singer and asked if the cop knew who Taylor Swift was.

The cop, possibly hoping to get an autograph, asked where Swift was. Boedecker reportedly replied, "She's in Nashville." Wait, dude, I thought she was driving the car? Get your delusions straight!

He then told the cop that Taylor was "batshit crazy." Ohhhh, nuhhedinnit. Pot calling kettle. Come in, kettle! No word on whether Boedecker thinks that Taylor has penned a tune about him. Maybe she will now?

Additionally, Boedecker acted like an entitled jerkhole. Asked where he lived, he snapped, "I have 17 homes." Oh, ho ho. Funny! C'mon, man, just pick one.

Anyway, I have seen George Boedecker. And I have seen Taylor's boyfriend. And you, George, are no Conor Kennedy. (Those of you who remember the 1988 vice presidential debate might appreciate that one.)

Why do you think George would say he's dating Taylor? Have you ever gotten that drunk?

Image via Boulder Sheriff's Department

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