Brilliant Drunk Man in Dumpster Compacted Twice When Garbage Collected

dumpsterHere's the thing about Justin Gilpatrick, 27, of Portland, Oregon. He's kind of an idiot-savant. That is, when he's drinking. This is what happened -- a little after midnight on Friday night, Justin left a local bar and decided to head home. He was with it enough to realize that he shouldn't drive home, so he hopped in a dumpster filled with cardboard to try and sleep it off. Then, around 1 a.m., disaster slash hilarity ensued, all with a side of thank god. Check it.


The Waste Management trunk came to pick up the dumpster filled with recyclables, and dumped its contents into the on-board compactor, cardboard and Justin and all. The driver drove off, none the wiser that there was a human in his caboose, and compacted the garbage not once, but twice while the man was inside.

Unbelievably, Justin wasn't seriously hurt or killed -- they say it was because the truck was relatively empty that his life was spared -- and was sent to the hospital with minor injuries after the driver heard him screaming in the back.

I know this is a funny story and everything -- man compacted twice and lives to tell! -- but you gotta hand it to Justin. In a nation where one person every half-hour is killed by a drunk driver, and every other minute someone is seriously injured in an alcohol-related accident, it's a blessing that Justin dumpster dived and took a snooze.

He made a great choice to stay off the roads. It's terrifying to think that he was almost crushed to death in a garbage truck, but because he chose to not get behind the wheel, he is a freak anomaly, a fascinating story of drunk-man-survives-trash-compactor instead of an all too familiar tale of drunk man kills family of three.

So next time you're leaving the bar and think you're too drunk to drive home, make like Justin and take a nap in a pile of recyclables. Just, um, check the collection times before you do so.

Have you ever been affected by a drunk driver?


Photo via sporkist/Flickr

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