Mom Arrested for Spanking Son With a Bag of Broken Glass (VIDEO)

alicia croneyA mom in Oklahoma has been arrested for allegedly spanking her 5-year-old son with a bag of glass. Alicia Anne Croney brought her son to the emergency room with cuts on his legs so deep they needed surgery. And she brought a very suspicious story to explain it. Supposedly she caught her son playing video games when he wasn't supposed to be. She grabbed a Doritos bag out of the garbage to spank her son with and "forgot" that it contained glass.

I mean ... where do you even begin with this story? Spanking your child with a chips bag? That doesn't even make sense! Unless Croney was just so blind with rage she was grabbing at anything -- in which case, she shouldn't be spanking at all. She should be putting herself into a time-out until she can think straight and not grab things out of the freaking garbage to hit her son with.


Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Major Shannon Clark also has a hard time believing the story:

That someone would spank someone with a Doritos bag is highly unlikely. Not that it didn't happen, but it seems like of all things that you would have at your disposal in your home, a Doritos bag ... I'm just not finding the relevance as far as how that would discipline a child.

Right? Even when you factor in the rest of the details -- Croney says she and her son were cleaning up pieces of broken glass when the dog ran away with a piece, so she had to chase the dog, and then she found her son playing video games -- they still don't make any sense. For starters, why is she asking a 5-year-old to help clean up broken glass?

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Whatever the real story is, it sounds like Croney needs help. Bringing a child to the hospital with those horrible cuts, not coming up with an explanation that makes any sense at all, broken glass, dogs -- it sounds like a life that's spun out of control. Her poor son. What a traumatic experience, regardless of what really happened. I hope he finds a kinder, more patient caregiver while they sort this all out.

What do you think really happened here?


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