Child Molester Fakes Suicide When He Learns He'll Have to Pay for His Crime

pillsIt would be bad enough that Rev. James Richard Harris sexually abused a young boy. But when the former pastor was convicted of molesting a 15-year-old and videotaping several teens having sex, he could have at least sat quietly and taken his punishment. Instead he pulled a suicide stunt to top all suicide stunts.

It turns out it was all a hoax. The "pills" the Florida pastor took in open court after hearing the verdict weren't even real!


Paramedics rushed Harris out of the West Palm Beach courtroom with the pastor insisting he was going to be dead by nightfall. They didn't know what he'd taken, and he refused to tell them. But he didn't die, and toxicology reports showed all that he'd swallowed were breath mints. I hate to say it's too bad he's still around, but I'm going to say it. At least it would have spared the poor child more trauma.

Actually, wait a minute. Suicide is probably too nice for a child molester, too easy. I'm more a "string 'em up by their toenails" kind of girl when it comes to someone who abuses children.

And Harris' little game makes him a prime candidate for that and more.

Here's a man who molested an innocent kid. He was already down at pond scum level. Then he turned the courtroom into a circus on top of it, just when this kid was finally going to get some closure out of a conviction. Harris tried to make this all about him when really this is all about children who have been hurt, and their need, their right to justice.

Harris is now facing 80 years in prison. For a 64-year-old man, that's really a life sentence.

Do you think it's enough? What do you make of his little stunt?


Image via DaGoaty/Flickr

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