OMG! 'F-Bomb' & 'Sexting' Are Now Included in the Dictionary

dictionaryOMG, the word "F-bomb" totes made its way into the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Coincidentally, "OMG" is in the dictionary, as well. "Totes" is yet to make the cut, though. Lame-sies. (Didn't make the cut either -- WTF? [Did not make the cut either!]) Anyway! How does Merriam-Webster define the word "F-bomb"? Exactly as you'd think: "The word fuck -- used metaphorically as a euphemism". Pretty straightforward. And pretty convenient for when "OMFG" makes its inevitable way into the lexicon. What other colloquialisms made their way into this crazy book o' words?


Aha moment

Bucket list

Earworm (as in a song you can't get out of your head)

Energy drink

Game changer

Gassed (meaning drunk or out of energy)

Man cave



As ridiculous as it is to see these words in print in, you know, a legitimate periodical, it does make sense. Whether we "heart" it or not, they're all used pretty pervasively. In fact, I'm kind of surprised that "aha moment" and "bucket list" are just making their way into the dictionary now, the same time as "sexting." That Morgan Freeman movie came out, like, five years ago. And, let's just call a spade a spade while we're at: It kind of sucked.

But, yeah, the words. Why not put them and all their ridiculousness (didn't make the cut) in the dictionary? Not just because we use them, but because they'll also serve as sort of a time capsule for our great, great, great grandchildren. Little Vendellyne and Questrey will be hanging out in their sleep pods, telepathically reading the 2012 Merriam-Webster dictionary, and they'll stumble upon "man cave" and cackle silently to themselves at how primitive their ancestors were. Then they'll hop on their interplanetary vessels and grab a drink on Neptune.

What do you think of the new words in the dictionary?


Image via crdotx/Flickr

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