Abortion Doctor Suggests Protesters Adopt 'Ugly Black Babies' to Fix the Problem (VIDEO)

Dr. Ron VirmaniThere are no excuses for the OB/GYN from North Carolina who challenged anti-choicers to adopt the "ugly black babies" born from women who don't go through with an abortion screwed up. Dr. Ashutosh "Ron" Virmani screwed up. Big time.

Of course, the anti-choice crowd is hopping on the disgusting racist phrasing today. They're using the doctor and the words he used when Operation Save America, a conservative Christian organization, showed up on the doorstep of his house, as proof that they've somehow won a battle in the choice wars.

But let me make this clear: no one has won a thing in North Carolina this week.


The pro-choice crowd has been dealt a blow by a doctor who said something extremely vile and inappropriate about children of color. That's clear. Even the fact that this Operation Save America group seems to have stalked him, showing up in his neighborhood where they handed out fliers to his neighbors telling them that Dr. Virmani needed to be stopped, doesn't excuse the language he used.

On the other hand, the anti-choice crowd doesn't come out clean here either -- and not simply because the tactics they used in confronting the doctor at his home were slimy and creepy. In touting their victory, they've once again ignored a salient fact that comes to light again and again in the abortion debates: if there is no abortion, then what? What happens to the baby who comes out of the womb of a mother who does not have the ability or desire to care for it. Then what?

Dr. Virmani's racial slur was wrong, but that doesn't erase the underlying message. Here's what he actually said:

Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies. Go ahead. Adopt these babies, OK? Take them off the taxpayers' money.

The protesters who stand at the doorway of abortion clinics, barring entrance for women in their time of need offer assistance, but it's only for so long. Once the baby arrives, the help is over, and mother and baby are left to struggle ... alone. She didn't win. The baby didn't win.

And in this case, neither sides of the choice wars have won. Both have mud on their face ... the question is, whose is dirtier?

Here's the video, by the way:

Does Dr. Virmani's racial slur negate the message that anti-choice protesters needed to hear? 


Image via Dale Sochia/YouTube

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