Reported Texas A&M Shooter Was Stopped in Just 15 Minutes But Still Claimed Fatalities

Jtexas A&Must two weeks after the country was paralyzed with fear over the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, another gunman has gone on the attack. This time, Texas A&M University was the scene of a bullet-riddled massacre.

When the gunshots finally stopped in College Station, three people were dead, including a policeman, a civilian, and the shooter himself. A woman and three other law enforcement officers also were injured. Tragic doesn't even begin to explain these types of incidents. This one, like all the others, seems so senseless. Yet, there is one very important lesson that we have learned from all those shootings in our dark past.


Because of tragedies like Columbine and the Virginia Tech massacre, schools and police departments have created warning systems and mobilization plans that will save countless lives.

The entire incident began when the suspect was being served an eviction notice and opened fire. As soon as there was a report of a gunman, Texas A&M issued a "Code Maroon" email alert at 12:29 p.m., telling students, faculty, and staff to stay away from certain intersections and streets where there was shooting. The message also told residents of the area to stay inside.

“After the fourth or fifth shot I stuck my head out the door and could hear actual gun fire,” a man who witnessed the shooter exchange shots with police told The New York Times. “I took cover and observed that there was an officer down.”

It's amazing that within 15 minutes of that first public warning, they had put an end to the killing. These officers and school officials weren't wondering what to do next. They had a plan in place and they executed it well. Had they not, there is no telling how many people that town would be mourning right now.


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Why do you think these shooting massacres continue to happen?


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