Pedophile Policies on Airplanes May Insult Men But So What

A airline cabin31-year-old man is making a huge public fuss over the fact that a flight attendant on a major airline asked him to move his seat away from an unaccompanied 10-year-old girl. He's saying the airplane embarrassed him and made people think he was a pedophile. How childish of him. This is not the first time someone (usually a man) has pulled the discrimination card on these airline policies. But really, they should just shut up about it. As a parent, I think this policy is an excellent one for protecting kids. As a passenger, this is an even excellenter policy, because who wants to sit next to a kid on a plane when you absolutely don't have to.


Hopefully when you are on a plane, you are going somewhere relaxing to get away from kids of any kind. I mean, we love our precious little snowflakes and all, but let's be real -- some parent is putting their unaccompanied minor on that plane for a reason.

There is maybe only one perk to sitting next to little kids on a plane, and that is that they are usually pretty small. There is nothing worse than getting a seat next to a pleasantly plump person whose legs overflow the arm rests into your personal territory -- that you paid for. (Alright, maybe two perks. If kids are sitting next to you, then they aren't sitting behind you constantly kicking your seat, with you constantly craning your neck back at them with your annoyed "stop it" face on.)

But other than that, there are really nothing but negatives.

-- Too-loud iPods bleeding through their ear buds

-- All that fidgeting

-- Gum chomping

-- Constantly asking the flight attendant for something -- crunchy snacks, to go to the bathroom for the 15th time, to shut the overhead air thing off, can I have a pillow?

Man, feels like I never even left home.

Other men have contested these kinds of "all men are pedophiles" policies on planes and won. One of the arguments of the man who was asked to move his seat on Qantas recently was that it's highly unlikely a child is going to be harmed by a stranger on a flight, that a child is more likely to be assaulted by someone they know. That is very true, statistically, and it probably is discriminatory in a way, but who cares.

It's such a non-event to move your seat. If something like this could prevent incidents like the pervert groping a sleeping teen boy on a JetBlue flight recently, then it's worth just sucking it up and finding something else to complain about. This is the airline industry we are talking about, after all, the choices are unlimited.

Do you think this policy is really that bad or should these men just get over themselves and move their seat as asked?


Image via vincent a desjardins/Flickr

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