Jerry Sandusky May Have Had a Partner in Pedophilia at Penn State

Penn StateSo, a show of hands: who was hoping that Jerry Sandusky being sent off to rot in jail would finally begin the healing at Penn State? Not so fast. Jerry Sandusky may not have been the only adult abusing young boys at Penn State.

That's the explosive new child sex abuse allegation that's come out of an investigation into Sandusky's alleged use of the federal mail system to disseminate child porn. A witness is now claiming that he saw Sandusky and another male, a booster for the school, abusing two young boys.


So we could have two sick perverted pedophiles on our hands? TWO?

OK, so right now this is still in allegation stage, and the witness's story only describes one abuse incident by the two men on a private airplane. Why they waited this long to come out with this story -- ahem, couldn't prosecutors have used this during the Sandusky prosecution?? -- is suspicious in and of itself. And why no names? We don't have the name of the accuser or the accused, just the fact that they're closely tied, and that alleged abuser is a "prominent" booster at Penn State. It obviously hasn't gone far enough for cops to start arresting anyone.

But if there's any truth to it, I fear this is only the beginning.

These type of stories rarely stop at one child hurt. Just look at Sandusky. He was convicted of 45 counts of child abuse. Now there's this investigation into alleged child porn. It's a downward spiral that's digging deeper and deeper.

So we could be talking more kids ... and more trouble for Penn State. We've already seen the Sandusky scandal stretch out to ensnare countless members of the school's administration and more recently the entire athletic program. Adding another sex abuse scandal on top of the the pyramid, and who knows what will crumble beneath it.

What do you think of these allegations coming out now?  


Image via Jim, the Photographer/Flickr

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