Mom Charged for Drunk Driving With 8 Kids in the Car

Lawanda Lowery-GaleI've never been able to make sense of drunk driving. Why would you get in a car after imbibing and put not only yourself but everyone else in the road in danger? But the mom who was just charged with a DUI in Florida seems to have taken drunk driving to the extreme. Cops say she did it with eight kids in the car.

And it gets worse. Lawanda Lowery-Gale was allegedly on her way to ... wait for it ... the bar.


So let's do the math here. This mother of six (two of the kids were her sister's) allegedly put herself in danger plus every other driver in Gainesville, Florida, plus eight innocent children.

On my ranking of worst people in the world, drunk drivers may actually fall just below people who drive like lunatics with kids in the car. Last night I almost called 911 when I was passed by an erratic driver with a minivan full of kids; the only thing holding me back was the fact that I didn't catch his license plate because he'd moved out around the car in front of me (right into oncoming traffic) too quickly.

Kids can't decide whether or not they're going to get in a car, especially not a 10-month-old -- which is the age of the youngest child listed in Lowery-Gale's car (the others ranged up to 14). They depend on adults to be careful drivers and keep them safe.

Here's a tip folks. You can get entire cases of wine delivered to you these days (yes, I've done it ... it's more economical people, and I shared!). You don't have to drive to drink. Or you know, you could just bypass the alcohol entirely. One doesn't need booze, certainly not if they're already blowing a blood alcohol level of .166 (Florida's legal limit is .08) ...

What part of this story makes you angriest?


Image via Gainesville Police

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