Paul Ryan Is the Right VP Pick for the Ladies

paul ryan
Helloooo, Paul!
After what seems like years of speculation, Republicans finally have their ticket for the 2012 presidential race. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has all but officially landed the nomination, and on Saturday, he announced that Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be joining him as the vice presidential nominee.

Later that day, I was hanging out with a friend, another suburban mom like myself, when I got a news buzz on my phone. “Ugh,” I said out loud, “Andrea Mitchell is shooting off about how Paul Ryan isn’t a good pick for women or suburban moms.”

“Who’s Andrea Mitchell?” she asked.


I snorted, because if Andrea Mitchell ever knew someone didn’t know who she was, she’d probably be offended. She’d probably also be offended by that last sentence, because some people just take themselves way too seriously. Anyway, I told my friend, “She’s a White House correspondent. Flaming lib. Probably burned her bra in the '60s. Now she’s saying that Paul Ryan isn’t a good pick for women.”

“Whatever,” my friend replied. “He’s hot and he wants to cut spending. This suburban housewife is all for Ryan.” And that is why I love her. 

All personal stories and poking fun at Andrea Mitchell aside, let’s take a look at the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee. Really, really take a look at him. Mmmmm ... sorry couldn’t help it. Man’s a stud. Aside from the exterior aesthetics, conservative girls go gaga for the fiscal hawk inside that P90X-toned bod.

Paul Ryan became an instant Tea Party rock star when he completely dismantled Obamacare in six minutes back when Congress was still debating whether or not to defund Medicare as we know it. He had the audacity to point out that the Congressional Budget Office didn’t have sufficient detail to score the health care bill, because the health care bill counted a lot of money twice. Newsflash to liberals: Taking five dollars from your left hand and placing it in your right doesn’t mean you have ten dollars. Unfortunately, that’s how the CBO was forced to count it. 

Paul Ryan is not afraid to go after Obama where it will hurt him the most -- the fiscal crisis our country is suffering right now. As the House Budget Committee Chairman, he has put forth numerous plans that the Democratic Senate has turned down. It’s been over three years since the Democrats have put forth a budget, and it’s time to get to work. 

When Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get to work next January, the rest of America can too.


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