Paul Ryan, Romney's New Running Mate: The Facts & Opinions You Need

Paul Ryan

It's the moment we've all been waiting for -- both Democrats and Republicans alike. Mitt Romney has officially announced his running mate and the potential next Vice President of the United States as one Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Who? Well, I'm going to tell you who. Here's his photo and everything.

Doesn't he look like he's ready to shake up Mitt Romney's campaign? Ryan joked in 2010 that he had been "reading federal budgets since I was 22 years old" and admitted that's "kind of sick." However, you might be surprised ... this dude's reputation in Washington isn't as dull as he looks.


Okay, so perhaps Paul Ryan isn't known for his political charm and flair (something Romney's campaign could arguably use), but he is known for something. Being extremely conservative in all arenas but particularly fiscally. The still-ailing economy is at the forefront of every American's mind so clearly that's where the Romney campaign is putting their bazillions of dollars -- investing their dough in the Ryan Plan.

The facts:

1. Paul Ryan was born in 1970; Ryan is 42 years young.

2. A member of Congress since 1999.

3. A Catholic and a married, father of 3.

4. According to the NYT, Democrats "view him as the epitome of the Republican vision of deep cuts in social spending and entitlement programs."

5. Unlike Romney, Ryan has spent nearly his entire career as a Washington insider, in or around the federal government.

6. His so-called Ryan Plan, which he proposed as House budget chairman, has some very radical, controversial plans for overhauling the country's budget and spending priorities.

7. Ryan is solidly pro-life, unlike Romney himself.

8. Opposes same-sex marriage, hate crimes, and protection for gays and lesbians.

9. Climate denier

10. A favorite of the conservative, anti-tax, limited-government Tea Party.

The opinions:

1. Oh, I see what they're doing here. He's the tough, no-nonsense fiscally conservative guy our country (and Romney) needs. Here's the guy who's going to finally clean up George W. Bush's our country's ginormous financial mess ... by, no doubt, cutting the crap out of social programs for the elderly and poor (cue the Mighty Mouse theme song!).

2. Did you hear that Florida -- hardcore cuts for seniors!?

3. Six very foul words swirling around Ryan: giant tax cuts for the wealthy. Why god?

4. From what I've seen, there's simply no denying Ryan is insanely bright and good at crunching numbers (just what our country needs!). My concern is his conservative ideologies and how his brand of number crunching could further harm our already ailing country.

5. Weee, another conservative white guy to be in charge! That's different. Sigh ... 

What are your thoughts on Paul Ryan? Are you excited to see him alongside Romney?

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