Passengers Film Plane Crash & Live to Share Amazing Footage (VIDEO)

plane crash

The thought of a plane falling from the sky terrorizes every air traveler. Every time we hear of one, we can't help but imagine those last seconds as the craft plummets to the ground. Well that terror-filled moment was recently caught on camera by two passengers who survived a frightening crash.

The journey starts with all four people in the cabin in great spirits. Then, suddenly, things take a scary turn and you see just how close these guys came to death.


The guys had just returned from a hiking trip and were on their way to dinner when the single-engine plane stalled and went down in the Idaho forest. "Within five seconds we're on the ground, upside down, hanging from our seat belts," Tol Gropp, the pilot's son, said.

Nathan Williams, one of the survivors, said they are "just four guys who are lucky to be alive." No argument there. Most of them walked away with scratches. The pilot was the most severely injured, suffering a broken jaw and broken ribs. They were eventually rescued by a retired firefighter who was camping nearby.

It's amazing they survived the twisted wreck. Total miracle. The fact that the guy kept filming even after crawling out of the mangled steel just astounds me. Honestly, as soon as the plane started to go down, I probably would have dropped the camera and started praying (and sobbing). These men -- though I am sure very startled -- seem remarkably calm, don't they? I don't think I would have been steady enough to hold anything -- except for my heaving, tear-soaked chest, that is.

Do you think, as a passenger, you could have filmed this crash and the aftermath?

Check out footage of the crash here. WARNING: It's pretty graphic!


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