Moms Matter Road Trip: Has the Economy Downsized Your Summer Vacation? (VIDEO)

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One of the best ways to assess the state of the economy is to talk to families about their vacation plans.

During our Moms Matter Road Trip through Florida, we stopped in the family vacation mecca of Orlando to talk to families about their summer travels. What they told us about how the economy has affected their plans may surprise you -- or it may sound all too familiar.

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It's interesting, I think, that the economy has affected the travel plans of almost everyone I know, whether they're making next to nothing or doing fairly well financially.

Gas prices have played into many of my mom friends' travel plans this summer -- and airfare seems higher than ever. Many of my friends aren't necessarily struggling to pay the mortgage, but their salaries haven't increased over the last few years, either, despite the fact that the cost of living continues to increase.

Skimping on summer vacations is often the first way to cut expenses.

How has the economy affected your travel plans? Can you empathize with the moms in our video? And which presidential candidate do you think is most likely to turn the economy around and make our dream vacations possible again?

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