Beer-Chugging Bears & Other Party Animals With Serious Problems

drunk catSilly bears, beer is for kids! Wait, no -- beer isn't actually for kids. But it definitely isn't for bears, either, except the mama and 3 cubs who recently broke into a cabin in Norway and guzzled 100 cans of brew. Apparently bears know how to par-tay! (Details on that story below.) And they're not the only non-human creatures known to knock a few too many back from time to time. Turns out animals and alcohol do indeed mix -- usually accidentally, often hilariously ... and sometimes tragically. (Guess they're not so different from people after all!)

Check out this menagerie of wild and crazy creatures (yikes, just imagine the beastly hangovers they must've had the next morning!).


Image via Jami Dwyer/Flickr

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