Beer-Chugging Bears & Other Party Animals With Serious Problems

drunk catSilly bears, beer is for kids! Wait, no -- beer isn't actually for kids. But it definitely isn't for bears, either, except the mama and 3 cubs who recently broke into a cabin in Norway and guzzled 100 cans of brew. Apparently bears know how to par-tay! (Details on that story below.) And they're not the only non-human creatures known to knock a few too many back from time to time. Turns out animals and alcohol do indeed mix -- usually accidentally, often hilariously ... and sometimes tragically. (Guess they're not so different from people after all!)

Check out this menagerie of wild and crazy creatures (yikes, just imagine the beastly hangovers they must've had the next morning!).

Image via Jami Dwyer/Flickr

  • Boozin' Bears


    Image via Beverly & Pack/Flickr

    Like a bunch of hammered college kids having a house party -- except way, way worse -- when we say the bear family who busted into that cabin in Norway "trashed the place," they TRASHED THE PLACE. According to the cabin's owner, after drinking the 100 cans of beer, the animals "ate every scrap of food they could find, including marshmallows, chocolate, and honey, and broke all the furniture."

    "They had a hell of a party in there ... the cabin has the stench of a right old piss up, trash, and bears."

  • Plastered Pachyderms


    Image via Nils Rinaldi/Flickr

    For such large animals, you'd think elephants would be able to hold their liquor ... but a herd of 40 (40!) pachyderms in India "went berserk" after busting into a bunch of rice wine casks and terrorized a local village, crushing thatched-roof huts in a desperate search for food. Sadly, after toppling an electricity pole, 6 of the elephants were electrocuted. Don't drink and trample, guys.

  • Drunken Monkeys


    Image via sarahemcc/Flickr

    Think of them as the Pirates of the Carribean: Vervet monkeys have a hankering for hooch so strong it drives them to steal cocktails from island tourists. Which is kind of funny, until the monkeys get really hammered and start smashing everything in sight. Cheeky monkeys!

  • Messed-Up Moose


    Image via Carly & Art/Flickr

    Who knew a moose would turn out to be such a clumsy drunk? Well, we all know now, thanks to the unfortunate Swedish moose who went on a fermented apple-bender and ended up getting stuck in a tree. Whoops.

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