Moms Matter Road Trip: Senior Issues Affect All of Us (VIDEO)

FlickrOn our Moms Matter Road Trip, we couldn't leave Florida without addressing issues that are important to 17 percent of Florida's population: seniors.

After all, senior issues affect all of us if you think about it. Some of us are caring for our elderly parents, or will be in a few years. And all of us hope to live to be seniors ourselves. What legislators do now with senior programs will eventually affect all of us.

And while Social Security and Medicare may not be the main focus of the presidential candidates' campaigns, be assured that legislators in Washington are taking hard looks at both programs right now.

Learn more by checking out our Moms Matter video on the issue -- after the jump.


The AARP is a great place to find the latest information on what's up with Social Security and Medicare.

Here is the AARP's Social Security page.

And here, you'll find the AARP's info on Medicare.

And you can learn more about the AARP's "You've Earned a Say" program here.

The AARP is working to reach more people who don't yet fall into the 55+ category interested in these issues, since they will ultimately be impacted by decisions made in Washington about these programs. But they recognize that Social Security and Medicare are often the LAST things on the minds of young moms.

What about you? Are you thinking about these issues? Are you worried about the future of Social Security?


Image via Akash_Kurdekar/Flickr

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