Woman Stabs Boyfriend After He Slaps Her Sunburned Bottom

knifeFor Tiffany Sherry, a recent sunburn was a pain in the ass -- literally. The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania mom stayed under the rays so long that her bottom was scorched. However, things got really heated when Sherry allegedly flew into a rage after boyfriend Michael Martinez jokingly swatted her inflamed rear.


Police say Sherry grabbed a steak knife, turned around from the sink, and then advanced on the man as he backed into the living room where her two children were watching TV.

As she allegedly poked Martinez in the chest with the blade, she told the kids to leave the room. When they scurried away, that is apparently when she sunk the knife into his shoulder and back, yelling that she was going to kill him.

Whoa! Is it just me or does this seem like a crazy overreaction? Sherry was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, making terrorist threats, and reckless endangerment. I've heard of sun exposure making people delirious -- but not homicidal. This is beyond bizarre. Clearly there is something else going on here, don't you think? If not, we should all take note: stay away from cranky sunbathers. Ultimately it's you that could end up getting burned.

Is this the most bizarre sunbathing story you've ever heard?


Images via Dinner Series/Flickr

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