Man Busted After Butt-Dialing 911 During a Drug Deal

911It's been an interesting week for 911 operators. And by "interesting," I mean "weird." And by "weird," I mean "funny." And by "funny," I mean "crazy!" First, we had the guy who phoned up the emergency hotline because he had ... an emergency hankering for some booze, and now we have the dude who accidentally dialed 911 while he was in the middle of an alleged drug exchange.


It's the kind of thing you'd see in a movie and be all, "Yeah, okay, sure that would happen." According to police in Scranton, Pennsylvania, 24-year-old Justin Kryzanowski was allegedly in the middle of getting his drug deal on (as the buyer) when he inadvertently dialed 911, AKA the po-po. He was subsequently arrested and is being charged with possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, and prohibited offensive weapons after police traced his cellphone to his house. Technology. Always ruinin' stuff. 

Anyway, according to the criminal complaint, when the cops got to Kryzanowski's house, they found syringes containing a medication used for treatment of opioid dependence, various prescription medications, drug paraphernalia, and brass knuckles. They also allegedly found Kryzanowski himself near a couple of pill bottles, talking with slow and slurred speech.

Oh, and lastly, they found his cellphone. Which matched the number that dialed 911. So, yeah.

Enjoy your weekend, 911! You deserve it. Oh, wait, you don't get one. Thank god!

Have you ever accidentally called 911?


Image via stevendepolo/Flickr

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