Hero Grandpa Killed Protecting His Grandkids From Thugs

detroit policeCan we talk about how hard it is to feel safe in America anymore? We have lunatics shooting up movie theaters. We have crazy people shooting up temples. And now we have a Detroit area grandpa who was shot dead at his own house because he came to the aid of his grandchildren.

From the way the cops tell it, John Villneff was minding his own business when several of his grandchildren came rushing over from his daughter's house next door. Now he's dead because he took the bullets aimed at his 12-year-old granddaughter.


Really? Someone tried to shoot a 12-year-old?

According to the cops, the thugs broke into Villneff's daughter's house where several of his grandkids were hanging out. Melissa Villneff was at a Tigers game, but her dad was next door, and there were teens in the house. She should have felt safe leaving the kids alone.

Should have being the operative words. But we can't feel safe anywhere anymore, it seems.

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When the thugs started pistol-whipping the 16-year-old, three of the kids took off for Grandpa's house next door. The 12-year-old took an iPad with her and was trying to take photos of the assailants when one of them spotted her. That's when police say the shooting happened -- the thug aimed, and grandpa jumped in to save his little girl.

I'm not surprised Villneff was a recipient of the Purple Heart while he was in the US military, he proved himself a hero on Wednesday night. He took a bullet for that kid. Took a bullet.

And yet, I shouldn't have to say that none of this never should have happened, that no one should have broken into Melissa Villneff's house, no one should have aimed a gun at a 12-year-old, no one should have shot an innocent grandfather who had been minding his own business at his home on a Wednesday night.

We hear people say that they're afraid to leave home anymore with all the craziness that goes on, but with stories like this, even staying at home doesn't sound safe.

How do you keep from being overwhelmed by all these horrific news stories?


Image via Patricia Drury/Flickr

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