Obama Opposes Boy Scouts Ban on Gays ... But Not Really (VIDEO)

boy scouts of americaThe Boy Scouts of America don't appear to be budging on their policy of excluding gay Scouts and gay leaders anytime soon, but their honorary prez, aka President Obama, wants the public to know he doesn't see eye to eye with the Scouts on the subject. In an email to the AP, the White House stated that Obama "opposes discrimination in all forms, and as such opposes this policy that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation." Nonetheless, he has no current plans resign as honorary president of the organization. Way to stand up for what you believe in, Barry! Boo.

The Scouts, however, are cool with this -- noting that they respect Obama's opinion and believe that "good people" can disagree and still work together to "accomplish the common good." Awww, let's all sit around the fire now and sing "Kumbaya."


Upon reading this news, I initially thought, "Yeah, that's cool that they can agree to disagree and still work together. They could serve to set a damn good example for Congress!" But then I got disgruntled by it as an embarrassing example of Obama talkin' the talk, but falling short of walkin' the walk.

I know the man can only do so much, only go so far for certain liberal causes. I know sometimes it's not worth it for him to rock the boat too much, and in some cases, compromise is key. But this particular situation seems like an easy one for him to take a bold stance on. Especially because, as it turns out, his presumptive opponent in the fall election is on the same page! Reps for Mitt Romney have noted that he stands by the comments he made back in '94, which means he apparently still "feels that all people should be able to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation." Nice. (Hopefully, that's not another topic he ends up flipping on to appease the GOP base ...)

So, while confirming that he's opposed to the Scouts' narrow-minded stance is certainly welcome move, it's not nearly as helpful as stepping down as their president would have been. Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for agreeing to disagree to get the job done when it's absolutely necessary (such as in Congress), but as far as I know, serving as honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America certainly isn't a job Obama is required to do. Especially when they continue to embrace blatant discriminatory practices the president should have no problem denouncing altogether.

Do you wish Obama would denounce the Scouts altogether for their policy or are you happy with how he's handling the situation?



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