Man Calls 911 & Asks to Be Taken on a Beer Run (VIDEO)

Allen Troy Brooks Over the years we've heard about some insanely stupid calls made to 911. From kids who can't figure out their homework to customers who are pissed a restaurant's food didn't live up to their expectations, we've heard it all -- or so we thought. Then along comes Allen Troy Brooks.

The 67-year-old from Columbia, Tenn., had apparently already thrown a back a few brewskies, and wanted a few more. When his refrigerator was empty, he decided to call someone to come get him to go on a little beer run. Guess who he called. Yep, 911.


According to ABC, the conversation went down like this:

Brooks: "Hey, you want to take me to the store? I want to go to the store to get me a beer. I’ll pay you."

911 Operator: "OK. Sir. I can’t take you to the store to get a beer."

Brooks: "Yeah. You can come now."

911 Operator: "No sir. You’ve got 911.”

I would almost buy his excuse -- he says he thought he was calling a friend -- except he called them more than once, like nine times that day. Also, when police told him that they'd just give him a citation if cooperated, he lied, and told them he didn't have a phone. Dude, they can trace those kinds of things pretty easily.

Police actually did end up giving him a ride, but they didn't take him to get beer. Instead they took him to jail.

Now, I agree that what he did was wrong and no one should call 911 unless it's an absolute emergency, and all of that good stuff. But I also feel a little for him. He wasn't trying to hurt anyone; he just wanted to keep the good times rolling. I hope he gets a little leniency here (and maybe a little help?), because at least he didn't drink and drive. That should be worth something, right?

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What's the craziest reason you've ever heard for someone dialing 911?


Image via ABC

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