Resourceful Bear Steals Chocolate ... & Our Hearts (VIDEO)

bear chocolate
We see you!
Until now, I thought bears and I had very little in common. Now, I see that the ursine community and I are more alike than we are different. Sure, I may not have their luscious fur coat nor do I sleep through the winter, but we both enjoy our salmon raw, and we both enjoy our chocolate contraband. How do I know that, you ask? Well, a Colorado convenience store caught a bear on camera ransacking their chocolate section. The wild animal busted through the doors and came and went as he pleased, stealing candy with every trip.

The owners thought a squirrel had made the mess when they first discovered their disheveled shelves, but the footage showed them, and all of us, that bears love their chocolate just as much as we do.



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Aww, he's smarter than the average bear, no doubt about it. Think he and Boo Boo went and got them some picnic baskets after they polished off all their Baby Ruths? Me, too.

How cute?


Photo via abcnews

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