Man Charged With Breaking Into Homes & Orally Assaulting Sleeping Men (VIDEO)

dajuan porterA 27-year-old Pennsylvania man has been accused of sexually assaulting at least three men. Allegedly he's been stalking his victims, breaking into their homes, and giving them blow jobs while they sleep! Dajuan Porter is a DJ with a serious problem. He was charged with pulling the same trick on his sleeping prison cell mate last year.

Obviously this begs the question: Why in the hell would you do that?!? I mean, there's no shortage of men who are awake and would consent to a free blow job from just about anyone. Let's just say there are ample opportunities out there for men to do any number of consensual acts with each other. There's no need to get all creepy about it -- unless Porter has a death wish? Because this would both scare and enrage just about any man.


If Porter really has been molesting sleeping men, it's a wonder he's even still alive. A stranger doing that while you're asleep? That is one scary way to wake up. Imagine waking up to a sensation that's usually pleasant ... but there's something off ... and you become aware that you're not dreaming ... and OMG WHO IS THAT GET HIM OFF OF ME!

That would be terrifying! And when people are scared and a little fuzzy-minded, they can do all kinds of crazy things. “It made me crazy for days and I really wanted to hunt Dajuan down and beat him to the pavement,” says one of his victims. Maybe that's what he wants. Ultimately this just makes me sad. You don't do this if you're merely horny. You do this if you're mentally ill. If the charges are true, does that mean Porter is consumed with self-loathing? Sounds like he really needs help -- before he gets himself killed.

Why do you think this man is allegedly committing these acts?


Image via Harrisburg Police Department

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