New Super PAC Thinks Beer Is the Answer to Congress' Problems

beerTwo college students from George Washington University figured out what's keeping Congress from reducing the deficit: Booze. Beer, more specifically. Seniors Daniel Bassali and Winslow Marshall recently formed a Super PAC, amazingly called Slam Dunks, Fireworks, and Eagles, in an effort to stop our country from crumbling in economic ruin.

The intention of the Super PAC is to raise enough beer money to host a congressional happy hour. Bassali and Marshall think that Congress members who don't see eye to eye on how to balance the budget just need to sit down for a beer together, to talk things through in a stress-free sitch.


Bassali, who "leans to the right," told ABC News that after the Federal Election Commission approved his PAC, he "really didn't know where to go with it." So he and Marshall, his left-leaning roommate and Super PAC co-founder, decided to go out for a beer -- a Bud Light -- and figured out what they wanted to do. Bassali said: "We are two guys who saw things differently, sat down and had a beer, and figured out our problems ... I don't think our congressmen are too proud to accept a collegiate approach to deficit reduction."

Now. What about those members of Congress who get belligerent when they drink? The men and women who get all riled up and want to get into a bar fight? Settle things the old fashioned way?

Hopefully, the collegiate approach will be taken in that situation, too. Hopefully, they'll just be asked to leave.

Do you think Slam Dunks, Fireworks, and Eagles is going to work?

Image via Dinner Series/Flickr

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