Woman Allegedly Steals Newborn in a Tote Bag to Cover Up Fake Pregnancy

maternity wardWhen I heard a woman was caught trying to walk out of a California hospital with a newborn baby in a tote bag, my stomach clenched. Who steals a baby? Well, now we know.

Police say Grisel Ramirez put on a pair of scrubs and managed to get all the way into the maternity ward at Garden Grove Hospital, plus get her hands on a baby. As for why, the cops say Grisel had convinced her husband that she was pregnant.

Aha. It's all making sense now, isn't it?


Nine times out of 10, when there's a "snatched baby" case, we get a story about a faked pregnancy. Maybe she miscarried, maybe she's desperate to keep a man, maybe she's just off her darn rocker (OK, there's no maybe about it if you steal a baby), but it's a pretty safe bet that a woman who makes a baby grab is expected to present a screaming newborn to someone, somewhere.

So that explains the motive in this awful baby in tote bag snatching case.

But does it excuse the whole disturbing case? Of course not! This isn't stealing like someone's TV. This is stealing a living, breathing human being. Worse, it's stealing this poor human being away from the mom who they depend on, the mom who loves and adores them.

There are reasons for such tight security on maternity wards -- security that I'm sure Garden Grove is reviewing right now. Because babies can't fend for themselves; they NEED their moms.

There are plenty of legal channels available to become a mom if you want to. But to be a good one, you have to know that babies need their moms; they're not just up for grabs.

What do you make of the alleged reasoning behind this awful case?


Image via LaBellaVida/Flickr

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