Watch Hillary Clinton Bust a Move Like No Secretary of State Before Her (VIDEO)

secretary of state hillary clinton dances in South AfricaSecretary of State Hillary Clinton doesn't show signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, she seems to be having more fun than ever. Hillz even has a new, sweet addition to her super-cool resume, which to date includes looking fabulous while texting on her BlackBerry, dancing in Colombia, and corresponding with Jason Segel ...

As you can see from the following, amazing video, Mrs. Clinton recently got down on the dance floor during her trip to South Africa. And I mean she got dooooown. Madam Secretary has some majorly hot moves! Check 'em out ...



LOVE IT. And love how this came on the heels of her joining local farmers in Malawi in another dance ...

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Sadly, how much you wanna bet critics who have denounced her for getting caught enjoying herself on past diplomatic trips -- for instance, when she was spied drinking beer (gasp!) -- are sure to come out of the woodwork again for this one? They'll definitely gripe about how our Secretary of State's not supposed to be having such a good time while traveling abroad! Doesn't she realize there's serious WORK to be done, and dancing/drinking/laughing/being human only serves to make America look like a bunch of drunken sorority and fraternity members? Wah wah.

But guess anyone who goes there simply doesn't understand how immersing herself in a country's culture and socializing with regular people (not only diplomats and heads of state) is actually part of her job description! That she doesn't have to be -- nor should she be! -- Robo-Secretary to make a positive impression for the U.S. around the globe. Duh!

Are you cool with Hillary bustin' a move abroad?


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