Unbelievable Glacier Tsunami Footage Reminds Us Not to Mess With Mother Nature (VIDEO)

glacier tsunamiDefinitely one of the wildest, most awe-inspiring "caught on video" moments ever, I think this incredible footage of a surprise "glacier tsunami" is best described by the guy who happened to be holding the camera. See, it was kind of by chance that Jens Møller of Greenland ended up on his uncle's boat the day it happened -- an Australian tourist asked for a ride to see the glacier, and Møller's uncle asked his nephew to go along as translator.

"I am from another town where glaciers are fairytales," says Møller. Considering himself to be "as much of a tourist as the Australian," he joined the crew. Hey, if nothing else, he figured the scenery would be spectacular. He was right ... sort of.

"The beautiful scenery was amazing," Møller said later, "but nature doesn't care about anyone."



Watch what happened next and you'll see why Møller came to this grim conclusion -- one second, the camera is capturing an exquisite, majestic, unmoving glacier ... the next, an enormous chunk of that glacier tumbling into the ocean and causing a furious tsunami (headed straight for the boat!). Thankfully none of the passengers were seriously injured, but ... YIKES!

Personally, I consider this video to be a cautionary tale of sorts. As Møller said, nature can be breathtakingly gorgeous and serene, but it can also be deadly. Appreciate the many wonders of the natural world all you want, but best to keep your distance (or at least your wits about you) in the process.

Just imagine being in this boat:


Incredible, right? And beautiful. And scary. And ... whoa.

Can you believe these boaters escaped this glacial tsunami with their lives?


Image via barbecueengineer/YouTube

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