NASA Releases Moving Video of ‘Terrifying’ Mars Landing (VIDEO)

MarsIf you weren't impressed with the fact that NASA successfully placed a little rover named Curiosity on Mars, how about this: NASA has now released a video of the last 2 1/2 minutes of Curiosity's "terrifying" descent onto Mars. Yes, it's the future, people, because now you can actually see what the Red Planet looks like. The full video -- which "will just be exquisite" -- won't be released for some time, as there's, you know, more pressing issues, but this little sneak preview is pretty damn impressive. Check it out.


Super low-res? Yes. But, dude, it's a video of Mars. Also, NASA released that gorgeous (sort of), high-resolution photo of Mount Sharp in the planet's Gale Crater (see above), which doesn't look all that different from a desert here on Earth.

Sometimes it's hard to wrap your brain around "history in the making" while it's happening, because the event itself can seem so surreal. But with this, that isn't the case. This is huge, and there's no way of not knowing it. And not just because a compact car-like contraption traveled 352 million miles to another planet -- and went from 13,000 miles per hour to zero in just seven minutes! -- but because there's a video of it. A video we can all watch right now while the rover is still up there. That is nothing short of positively amazing any way you look at it.

Isn't this amazing?


Image via MarsCuriosity/Twitter

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