Sarah Palin Could Help the Republicans More by Shutting Up

Sarah PalinIt finally happened. Four years ago Sarah Palin was drawn into national politics by a McCain campaign convinced the Hillary supporters would vote for anyone with a uterus. And today, the former Alaska governor is back on the outside.

She's not on Mitt Romney's short list for vice presidents. Dick Cheney just referred to her as a "mistake." And now the official list of Republican National Committee Convention speakers is out, sprinkled with names like Huckabee, Bush, Haley, and Santorum. But there isn't a Palin in the bunch.

Wait!? Did they really leave her out? Could it be that the GOP has finally figured out what the rest of us have known for years?


Sarah Palin is an albatross hanging round the neck of the RNC and shutting her up is key to their success in 2012 and beyond. Don't believe me? Let's look at the facts:

In 2008, women especially reported being pushed toward the Obama ticket because Palin was such a turn-off. Not surprisingly, women were considered one of the big reasons the president won the election.

A year later, Palin brought significant criticism on herself for leaving office abruptly rather than finishing out her term as Alaska governor. Putting herself ahead of her state's needs further put into question her credibility and dedication to politics.

Then began the Palin family's reality show reign. Sarah Palin's Alaska was amusing, especially when she took a whiny Kate Gosselin out into the wild to roast marshmallows and go fishing. But it was a reality show. Need I really say more? Snooki does reality shows. Presidents do not.

Palin the person is still liked by Republicans. Even RNC Chairman Reince Priebu told Fox News this week, "I think a lot of her and hope she does speak." But the fact is, she is not in a primetime slot on their big night. It seems they like her better when she's quiet.

Do you think it's smart for the RNC to keep Sarah Palin in the background in 2012?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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