Desperate Man May Have Shot Wife Out of Love

gunAfter 45 years of marriage, an Ohio man allegedly walked into a hospital and shot his wife to death.

Police say John Wise killed wife Barbara as she lay in critical condition on a hospital bed in the intensive care unit. But police are now investigating whether this 66-year-old man ended his wife's life in an attempted mercy killing.


Mrs. Wise had been in the hospital since July 28, when an ambulance was called to their home. The details of her illness are limited, but right now, we know that she was treated for a medical condition that involved "advanced life support including oxygen, a heart monitor, and IV."

Wise had brought the gun along during a hospital visit. Staff didn't know anything was wrong until they heard a pop sound that drew attention to the room. "It was an isolated incident," a spokesman for the hospital said. "No other staff was in harm." Wise has been cooperating since the incident, say police. "We are in the preliminary stages of the investigation," said Capt. Dan Zampelli. "Certainly him wanting to end his wife's suffering is one of the motives we're looking into."

Euthanasia is such a hot button topic. I for one have been conflicted about this issue since I first heard about Dr. Jack Kevorkian helping terminally ill patients with assisted suicide. It seems like a crime, but at the same time, it's merciful as well.

We don't know what conversations Mr. Wise had with his wife, but what if she asked him to end her life? What if she didn't want to live in whatever medical condition she was in at that time? That would suggest that he shot his wife out of love, wouldn't it? Does that make it any less of a crime? As gruesome as this particular case sounds, perhaps if Wise pulled the trigger, he felt that he was being a loving and compassionate husband by ending her life.

What do you think of assisted suicide? Is mercy killing wrong?


Image via iluvcocacola/Flickr

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