Did the Loch Ness Monster Photo Get Military Approval?

Not Nessie
Everyone who has gotten a peek at the new "Loch Ness Monster" photo has had pretty much the same question. What IS it? But I have another one.

Why the heck did photographer George Edwards, the professional Nessie Hunter who snapped a shot of the hump of ... something ... with his trusty digital camera, turn to the United States military for help in authenticating it? Edwards says he got friends in the states who have friends in the military, and he sent it over to them for analysis before letting loose the photo that's caused an international hub bub.


Kind of strange huh?

For starters, he's Scottish. The Loch Ness Monster, if she exists, is Scottish. Forgive me for the (cough, rather obvious, cough) conclusion here, but one would think the best experts on the subject would be in ... Scotland.

But nooooo. He came to America for help. No, wait, not just America. George Edwards sent his photo to the American government. Now, As plenty of journalists have pointed out in the days since, there are no known "monster experts" in the American military. They're hardly "experts." And perhaps more to the point, the United States government tends to put the kibosh on these kind of things.

With the noted exception of NORAD's Santa tracker and the lovely Christmas gift of magic and belief that it provides to millions of children, mythical creatures are kind of a touchy subject with the powers that be in Washington.

Take aliens. According to the government, they don't exist. Of course, we're not actually allowed inside Area 51 to confirm whether or not there was a Roswell UFO. But trust them. There are no little green men.

Oh, and what about mermaids? Nope. Just a month ago the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association issued a memo -- which is still up on their website -- affirming that Ariel and her ilk are completely imaginary.

So, I don't know about you, but I'm thinking this Nessie photo is just like the others: a lot of fun, but not much else.

What do you think? Is George Edwards' photo the real thing?


Image via lincoln-log/Flickr

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