Mitt Romney's Trip Abroad Shows He Isn't Fit to Be President

us flagThe worldwide press has not been kind to Mitt Romney upon his return from Europe. Romney's overseas show and tell has erupted into something of a debacle for his campaign. I'm not one to thrive on schadenfreude so I don't sit back and laugh at his expense. Nor do I grin about his shortcomings while abroad because at the end of the day, he is still a face of our country. As he travels overseas he represents America, for better or for worse.


His foibles and demeanor simply further represent the fact he hasn't the heart, grace, compassion, or tact to be President. The same faults he carries Stateside were amplified overseas. I happened to be traveling out of the country while Romney was on his European tour. Many folks I met stated their interest in our upcoming election and voiced concern for not who Mitt Romney is, rather what he represents. Hubris seems to be a common theme.

My mother is active in Democrats Abroad in Germany, where she lives much of the year. Candidates often campaign in countries where there are U.S. interests or a large population of expatriate voters. It is a common campaign strategy to appeal to voters abroad while engendering confidence in foreign populates, but this strategy does not usurp activities at home. The American people come first; our jobs, education, health, and well being take priority.

I hope to see less time dedicated to overseas campaigning this year. There is so much discord at home right now that our leaders owe it to us to demonstrate how they will bridge that divide. The strife at home is getting dangerously heated. Who is going to finally step in and shift our paradigm so this election is focused on compromise and working in harmony instead of battling to win? Wow, now *that's* a foreign concept!

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