Moms Matter Road Trip: Florida Voters Divided on Obama (VIDEO)

Obama Protesters

Yesterday, we showed you the highlights of President Obama's campaign speech in Jacksonville, Florida.

After his appearance, we got reaction from the president's supporters, as well as his critics.

Although 3,000 locals showed up to hear the President speak, there were a surprising number of protesters lining the streets in front of the convention center where the speech took place. And as you'll see in our Moms Matter Road Trip video, they had plenty to say.


What really stood out to me during our swing state road trip was the amount of anger and dissatisfaction among voters on both sides of the political spectrum.

No one is happy with the state of the economy or our legislators in Washington, and a surprising number of people aren't really fans of either presidential candidate.

Even the supporters of both candidates were generally quick with their responses when asked what their chosen candidate could do to improve his chances. President Obama's supporters often spoke of wanting him to get more accomplished in the next four years than he has in his first term. Mitt Romney's fans said he needs to make a better connection with voters, and get more passionate about what he intends to do if elected.

Whomever wins in November will face a struggling and dissatisfied population.

What do you think about these voters' thoughts on President Obama? Do you think either candidate can pull our nation out of its economic slump?


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