Obama's Message to the Middle Class

President ObamaPresident Obama made a campaign stop in Jacksonville during our Moms Matter Road Trip through Florida and we re-routed our plans in order to be there. The president roused a crowd of 3,000 supporters with a message tailored specifically to address the needs and concerns of middle class America.

Whether you live in Florida or elsewhere in the country, watching his stump speech gives you a good idea of Obama's plans if he remains president for the next four years.

Click through to see our Moms Matter video containing  highlights from the speech.


The audience included many parents, who'd brought their children with them to hear the President speak. 

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While critics say Mr. Obama hasn't done enough as president over the last four years, he blamed Congress for refusing to compromise and creating a number of stalemates in Washington.

President Obama also pledged to raise taxes on people making more than $250,000 per year -- a bone of contention with some small business owners, who say it's unfair for their taxes to increase when they're using their higher incomes to create jobs and pay workers.

The president talked about his plans to improve life for America's middle class through education, mortgage refinancing, and his biggest accomplishment to date -- the Affordable Healthcare Act.

His charisma is undeniable and the crowd responded enthusiastically, responding aloud to much of what he had to say.

Tomorrow, we'll show you reaction to Obama's appearance, both from supporters and critics. In the meantime, what do you think of the president's campaign speech?

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