Dad Suspected of Faking His Own Death -- and Convincing Son to Help

oceanSo, there's this guy. An avid swimmer, supposedly. Name's Raymond Roth. From Long Island. Last week, authorities thought he drowned after swimming past the lifeguard zone at Jones Beach. It was bad. A Coast Guard search totaling tens of thousands of dollars ensued. His wife even started to plan his funeral. But then something happened. Something good, but ... weird. Raymond Roth was discovered. Alive and well, actually. But he didn't wash up ashore the beaches of New York. He was in ... South Carolina.

And the reason he was discovered in South Carolina was because of a crazy chain of emails his wife found between her husband and her son, allegedly detailing A Great Escape.


Raymond recently fell on hard times after losing his job for allegedly threatening co-workers. His wife, Evana, said in a press conference recently that he "emptied out [her] accounts Friday, Saturday morning, even up to the time [they] supposedly though this poor man was drowning in the water." She said that she found a disturbing chain of emails between her husband and their son allegedly plotting out the faking of Raymond's death. One email in which Raymond supposedly asks Jonathan to call him to update him on what's going on in New York.

Roth, 47, was first reported missing by his 22-year-old son, Jonathan, last Saturday via 911 call. After Evana discovered the alleged emails between her son and husband, she called her brother-in-law, who called the police and told them Raymond was in Florida. Raymond was discovered in South Carolina Thursday morning when he was pulled over for speeding. He's since spoken to authorities, telling them he's on his way back to New York. As of last night, no sign of him. Evana said since January, her husband has tripled his life insurance policy and just executed a new will last week. So ... yeah.

Since things are still missing from this movie-of-the-week-esque puzzle, it's hard to say what the heck is really going on. But I think we can all assume that things at the Roth household aren't exactly peachy keen right now. I mean, can you imagine learning your husband was (allegedly!) planning on faking his own death to get out of a financial mess? Pretty nuts.

But there's a lesson that can be learnt from all this. A lesson for email novices, at least. When faking your own death -- and documenting it via email -- be sure to delete all the incriminating parts.

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Image via Repoort/Flickr

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