Renegade Nun Against Nukes MacGyvers Her Way Into U.S. Power Plant

nunsSisters are doin' it for themselves! Nuns have come a long way since the days of rulers and knuckle smacks, baby. Just this week, Sister Megan Rice was arrested for breaking into the only weapons-grade uranium processing facility in the U.S. with two fellow activists to protest the production of nuclear bombs. That's right, just a day in the life of Sister Megan ... oh, did I mention she's 82 years old?! Awww yeah! Nuns against nukes! Sister Megan, I don't know you, but I love you.

The best/scariest part of the story is how the trio broke into the plant in the first place: By cutting their way through no less than four fences and walking for over two hours to get to the building! That's dedication. Of course, that's also horrifying -- as a former congressional investigator said, "It is unbelievable this could happen. If they were terrorists, they could have blown open the door and got inside."

Um, that's not cool.


The plant is currently closed, presumably to give authorities time to put up some new fences or something, and Sister Megan & Co. are in custody ... for now, anyway. (Who knows? Maybe that crafty Bride of Christ will figure out a way to pick locks with her rosary beads.)

But nuclear security concerns aside, I've got to say this is like, a HUGELY awesome moment in nun history. Sounds like nuns are getting pretty badass across the board -- even the Vatican is denouncing their "radical feminist" ways; basically, helping the sick and the poor regardless of sexual preference or other "sinful" tendencies. What would Jesus do? The same thing? The Vatican can't hear you, the Vatican is covering its ears, la-la-la-la-la!

Seriously, these nuns are exactly what the world needs. A return to peaceful protests and charity. Not to mention a little straight-up badass-ery.

What do you think about this 82-year-old nun against nukes?


Image via Klearchos Kaputsis/Flickr

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