13-Year-Old Goes on Armed Robbery Spree -- But Where's Mom? (VIDEO)

13-year-old armed robberThere are so many disturbing things about the 13-year-old known as "Jon-Jon" recently arrested in connection with a series -- a series! -- of armed robbery attempts in Philadelphia. Obviously, that a 13-year-old would be involved in a single armed robbery attempt, not to mention several, is highly upsetting. Also disconcerting: Jon-Jon has already been arrested twice in the past two years (for robbery and disorderly conduct).

And of course it doesn't help that his 20-year-old brother was arrested earlier this year for his alleged involvement in a shooting death.

But what bothers me the most is this: Apparently, police were preparing a warrant to search the boy's apartment Wednesday afternoon ... "but had not yet talked with the mother."


Not yet talked with the mother?! Where IS she? No wonder Jon-Jon is "a little too comfortable" in his holding cell. According to Detective Freddie Mole, who put Jon-Jon in custody after he was identified by four victims, "He's not scared. He's sleeping -- he's very comfortable being in custody."

Sheesh, maybe he's comfortable in custody because he's under the supervision of responsible adults for a change! Maybe this poor kid is so desperate for some stability that he was actually TRYING to get arrested. This is a kid so young he rides his bike to crime scenes. Does he even have a chance in life? Did he ever?

Police are hoping Jon-Jon will still find his way (after more time in juvie and even more counselling), but the odds are against him. Said Detective Joe Murray:

"I hope he gets the help he needs because this isn't the life he wants to have. I mean, 13 years old and you know the ins and outs of a police station? It's just not normal."

No, it's not normal. And it's not Jon-Jon's fault, either.

Do you think Jon-Jon can turn his life around? What about his mother -- should she be held responsible for his crimes?

Image via CBS Local

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