Batman Gets Arrested at Home Depot, Fails to Save the Day

batman costumeA man in a Batman-like costume says he was only trying to "inspire hope" when he donned a mask, cape, and body armor to greet customers outside a Home Depot. Instead, he scared the pants off some customers and brought on his arrest. And no, he wasn't a Home Depot employee. They probably would have gone with The Hulk.

Matthew Argintar was actually dressed like "Beast," his superhero alter-ego. Witnesses say he was approaching families and saying, "Anyone need some help? I'm here to save the day." It sounds perfectly reasonable to me (I guess?) but apparently there was something "creepy" about his smile. Plus there was his Batman-like costume, coming just after The Dark Knight Rises shooting -- was he playing a sick joke?


Argintar says he was being totally sincere. "Anybody that knows me knows that I would never say anything like that." Unfortunately, his costume included some handcuffs, so he was arrested for unlawful possession of handcuffs and disorderly conduct. Mostly, I think, they just wanted to check Argintar to make sure he wasn't dangerous.

The would-be superhero was sent to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation and as far as we know he seems to be fine. He's just, I don't know, a little odd and socially tone deaf. Turns out impersonating a superhero is a thing -- a loosely-organized culture of occasional do-gooders in costume.

The intention is sweet. Who doesn't want to feel like a superhero? And who says we all have to wear regular clothes all the time? Why not let your freak flag fly, especially if it's a "super" flag? But this is just not the time, folks. For the next few weeks I think we'd all better stick with our Merida and Squint costumes for now.

Note to self: Re-think debut of my superhero alter-ego Gila Monster Girl on Times Square tomorrow.

Would you have been scared if you'd seen "Beast" while shopping?


Image via Pop Culture Geek/Flickr

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