Doctor Accused of Taking Pervy Photos of Subway Riders With Clever Hidden Camera

camera lensImagine this: You're riding along on the subway, on your way to or from work, you're frazzled, you're distracted, you feel like a human sardine. And at the same time, some total creepmeister is using a tiny video camera to shoot video up your skirtAuuugh! This is horrifyingly, reportedly what occurred recently on a subway train in downtown Manhattan. For real. And get this. The accused is a prestigious urologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center!

Adam W. Levinson was arraigned today on charges of taking vidoes up a woman's skirt during the evening rush hour just yesterday. Apparently, a transit police officer noticed Levinson had a pen with a small camera device clipped to a newspaper and that Levinson was holding the newspaper under the woman's skirt to just film away, according to a criminal complaint. When the officer took the device, he found "numerous clips in which the defendant recorded underneath said female's skirt." What the ... ?!?!


On paper, Dr. Levinson seems like an all-around upstanding guy ... He is an assistant professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, serves ont he editorial boards of several journals, is highly rated by patients, etc. Eeesh. But this transit police officer saw what he saw, and now Levinson -- prestigious doctor or not -- is in hot water.

Thank goodness the transit officer actually caught this sketchy situation, and it is comforting to know that authorities are taking it seriously. Levinson is actually charged with unlawful surveillance in the second degree, a felony carrying a sentence of up to four years. Wow, huh?

But that's not exactly heartening enough news for me. Because this story only serves as a scary indication that there are probably slews of these creeps roamin' around public transit systems, with all different strategies for shooting revealing, exploitative video or photos. Eek!! We can only hope that authorities continue to keep their eyes open and seriously crack down on offenses like these.

Does this totally freak you out?

Image via Hunnnterrr/Flickr

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