Dead Woman Goes Missing After Creepy Cemetery Robbery

cemeteryEvery once in a while you'll come across a news story that makes you wonder if the world we live in could possibly get any more twisted or sick. And you think, "No, the world we live couldn't possibly get any more twisted or sick because this story that I'm reading right now is seriously twisted and sick." And then you hear about how a grandma's dead body was stolen out of a cemetery 16 years after she was laid to rest. And you're dumbfounded. 


Pauline Spinelli died in 1996 at the age of 98. She was entombed with five other family members in a mausoleum in cemetery in New Jersey. Last week, her body -- just her body -- was stolen. Somebody broke into the mausoleum, smashed a heavy marble slab, pried open her aluminum casket, and took off with the body. At around noon this past Saturday, the empty coffin was found and the police were notified. As of now there aren't any leads, but Spinelli's family members think that the theft may have something to do with a cult. Pauline's grandson, Rocco Spinelli, said: "What can these people possibly be believing in to take a 16-year-old dead body. I don’t want to see somebody desecrate her body, chop her up, or make some kind of voodoo dust out of her.” The cops are currently investigating all motives, but they were quick to point out that there are no security cameras near the Spinelli mausoleum.

Security cameras? Wait, there are security cameras at cemeteries now? That's really a thing? People who aren't alive now need to be monitored too? Because other people -- people who are alive -- might steal them?

Talk about twisted and sick.

Whoever took Pauline's body -- be it a group, a cult, or a person -- may want to reconsider what they did and return the body to its rightful place (you know, before there are any cameras put in), for Grandma Spinelli doesn't sound like she's one to make things easy for them. According to Rocco: “If anything works in their minds, grandmom’s going to haunt them for the rest of their lives.”

Do you think there should be security cameras in cemeteries?


Image via Vimages/Flickr

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